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One thing we hear a lot from Tidy Tabs customers is that it is such a good feeling coming home to a nice clean and tidy home. We like to know that we have a profound positive effect on the lives of our clients. But every once in a while, we hear a comment about how even the cleanest of clean can’t change a room that is a dingy or has a paint color detested by its owner. Well, we want you to know that Tidy Tabs can help you. We are here to paint away your disdain and give you a whole new outlook on that room that leaves you with a bad feeling.

The experts at remind us that different people perceive colors differently:

  • Some colors can energize us, cheer us, make us feel calm and safe.
  • Certain colors may depress us, tire us, or become irritate us, or agitate us.
  • Cool colors appear to recede, making a room appear larger – and airy and expansive.
  • Warm colors advance, which make small rooms feel smaller and large rooms cozier and more intimate.

Choose a paint color that suits your purpose

You can see that colors act in three basic ways: active, passive, or neutral. Choosing a color for a room depends on the room, and the mood or activity that you want in that room.

For instance, let’s talk about dining rooms.

For most, the purpose of a dining room is actually two-fold:

  1. To feed the body with good and nourishing food.
  2. To feed the soul with good times and conversation with friends and family.

Red is a color that raises a room’s energy level. It’s intense hue, according to, pump the adrenaline like no other color. Red draws people together and stirs up excitement, which is great for lively conversation. Red is never boring, that’s for sure!

Red can make the walls of a room feel more intimate and cozy, or, used as a feature wall at the end of a long narrow room, it can seem to rework the proportions of the room.

Red also stimulates appetite, which is the reason you will so much red in restaurants.

There is a caveat about using large amounts of red anywhere in your home. While stimulation and adrenalin-pumping excitement can make for fun times, you also have to be wary of the cautions from old sayings like, “he saw red” or seeing a “red flag” or “red-faced.” Each of these alert us to danger, risks, peril, or threats. There are studies that have shown that the color red actually has an effect of people. It:

  • Raises blood pressure.
  • Speeds respiration.
  • Increases heart rate.

So, perhaps you want a little less stimulation in your dining room. If that’s the case, consider green. Green is considered the most restful color for the eye. It is a secondary color, mixed together from two primary colors: blue and yellow. The refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow come together to provide a color that is suited to most any room of the house.

Green has a calming effect when used as the main color, so you don’t have to worry about being too bold. In fact, it encourages unwinding, but has enough warmth to promote pleasant gatherings and happy conversations shared over good food. People relax and stress levels recede.

On the other hand, if you are dieting – or if life is a never-ending battle with calories and carbs, consider painting your dining room blue. Blue is said to decrease appetite. It is known to bring down blood pressure, slow respiration and heart rate. Just be careful because some shades of blue can be perceived as cold and chilly, which is not conducive to comfortable and long discussions over hearty meals.

Paint color has emotional effects, too

The perception of color impacts people in another way, too. One paint color may stimulate feelings and awaken unconscious memories – pleasant or painful.

For this reason, decorators and design consultants will tell you that using familiar colors from your childhood will remind you of good times and happy memories. You can bring those happy memories into your home by re-creating a dining room that is similar in color to the room from your childhood.

Whatever paint color you decide best suits your family and purpose, a new coat of paint will take away that dingy or annoying color you can’t stand in your home.

Don’t live with it any longer. Call us at 317-426-7806 and let Tidy Tabs fix it right up for you. You’ll be able to enjoy coming home to a nice clean house – and love every room of it!