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Your kitchen can be a source for so many things: the food you give your family, a space for friends and loved ones to gather and share stories, but unfortunately, your kitchen is also a source for harmful bacteria, dirt, and grime. Here at Tidy Tabs, we take great pride in providing a clean space for you and your family. We understand, though, that some dirty work may need to be done in between our visits!

Try as you might, some of those pesky bacteria can slip through your rubber-gloved fingers in some of the simplest ways. Cleaning can be a daunting task, but knowing that things might not actually be as clean as they could, makes housework a little less enjoyable.

To ease your kitchen cleaning woes, here are 7 things in your kitchen you might not be cleaning correctly, and how to do it a little better.

  1. Garbage Disposal – Your garbage disposal does a lot of dirty work, but did you know you need to clean it as well? You could use a store-bought sink cleaner,but instead, use homemade white vinegar ice cubes. Yes, you can use a regular ice cube tray and freeze them yourself, throwing them in the disposal as needed. Those old citrus rinds and cold water is just as effective and gets rid of any smell quickly.
  2. Coffeemakers – Some may think that hot water and soap could totally sanitize this complex machine, but for the best kind of clean, fill thecoffee maker’s water chamber with equal parts white vinegar and water. Let the coffee maker brew until half of the water chamber has ran through the machine, turn off the coffee maker and let it sit for 30 minutes. Finish the brew cycle then rinse the machine by using a new filter to brew a pot of clear water. This process should be done every few months.
  3. Knives – Unbeknownst to most, putting your sharp steak knives in the dishwasher is dulling them after each wash. Though it may not be as convenient, you will save the life of your knives by washing them by hand with warm water and soap.
  4. Silverware – To be cleaned, warm, soapy water is a great solution for silverware. To be polished, however, a banana peel can be used as an alternative to add a brilliant shine. Simply grind the peel with water into a paste, then buff the silver as needed.
  5. Dish Sponge – According to a study in 2012, reported that around 10 million bacteria harbors in each square inch of a kitchen sponge. If you take anything from this article, please microwave your sponges on high for two minutes after each use.
  6. Microwave – This part of your kitchen can easily be one of the biggest nuisances to clean. To make it easy on yourself, mix equal parts of water in vinegar in a bowl, place it in the appliance, let the microwave run for a few minutes on high, then wipe the grime away for a dazzling finish.
  7. Copper Dishware – Cleaning copper can be tricky. An easier and more convenient way to clean your copper pots, pans, and dishes is to use ketchup. Yes, that Heinz you have in your fridge will help restore the shine of your copper due to its natural acidity.

Cleaning your kitchen can be a tedious task. With these simple tips, kitchen cleaning pain can be eased. If you ever feel your to do list is getting a bit lengthy though, contacting Tidy Tabs could greatly improve your home’s dazzle, so you can get back to what it is you enjoy! Give us a call at 317-426-7806 for a free estimate.