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Early one day I went to visit my previous boss April, in regards of my W2. April was also my roommate before moving to Danville and has helped encourage me from day one. While being at April’s the topic came up about my idea of Tidy Tabs. I soon found out that April had run a small cleaning business of her own at one time. We talked about the goal and dream I had for Tidy Tabs and how I wanted to make it successful. This conversation led us to discuss different areas of cleaning I could offer besides residential. She helped me create a resume that was up-to-date and she even called her old contacts and got me in touch with a few realtors. Later in the day, April even took the time and drove me to Staples to create my first business card. She taught me the importance of marketing my business and how business cards are beneficial to promoting my business. When we returned back to her house later that day, she pulled out her old card which contained Rosie the Riveter. I admired her card but it seemed plain, containing only white and blue. I really loved it but all it needed was a little customization, so later I added a dash of pink.