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Color has a very tangible effect on the human being. That’s why it is important to select paint colors that are not only pleasing, but produce the effect you want in each room of your home. We do a lot of painting of walls here at Tidy Tabs and we have seen lots of paint decisions. Most are based on how a color makes a person feel.

For example, red is a color that has been shown to increase blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rates. Some shades of red can invoke feelings of rage and hostility – remember the red capes bull fighters wave? If you are in a room where you want actual physical stimulation, red might be a good choice. If you want a room that will be relaxing and produce a feeling of calm and peace, red would not be a good choice.

What is a good color choice for a bedroom?

Yellow? – Yellow captures the feeling of sunshine and happiness that can be uplifting and energizing. Those might seem to be good things for a bedroom, but yellow has also been shown to make it more likely for people to lose their temper. Babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms, too. In the use of chromotherapy, yellow is believed to “stimulate the nerves and purify the body.”

Blue? – Another primary color, blue, has the opposite effect. Blues tend to reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate and respiration. Blues come in so many shades and are thought to be calming, relaxing, and serene. Sounds like the color you might want for your bedroom! In fact, blues are often the suggested color for bedrooms. But be careful! Some pastel shades of blue can come off feeling cold, especially in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light. If you decide to paint the walls an icy blue, be sure you intend to furnish it with fabrics and furnishings that will warm it up.

Green? – When you combine blue and yellow you get green. Green is considered the color that is most restful for the eye. When used as the main color for decorating, green has a calming effect and is believed to relieve stress and promote relaxation. On a side note, green is the color most linked with fertility. (Just saying.) The great thing about green is that while it encourages relaxation, it is all warm enough to provide a close and comfy feel.

What about neutrals?

Black, gray, white and brown are all considered neutrals. They are used as unbiased backdrops in rooms because of their flexibility. Decorators use them to feature pops of a variety of colors, or one color. For someone who likes to change out their rooms, a neutral provides the canvas to do so. Some even enjoy a monochrome presentation – all white is most popular, but be careful with all black. Adding more colors makes the room livelier, subtract colors to calm it down.

Any time of the year is a good time to paint your bedroom. It all depends on how busy your own personal life is because your bedroom is probably your refuge. That place where you wind down and get away from the hubbub of life. That being said, take your time to select a color that will suit what you want in your bedroom. Every color comes in a wide array of shades and tones and each one will make you feel something by itself. Listen to what you hear yourself thinking. There will be a color that “speaks to you” enough that you keep coming back to it.

The greatest thing about paint is that if you live with it for a while and decide it’s not for you, another color can just cover it up. Here at Tidy Tabs, we know that paint is very personal and sometimes the color choice just doesn’t work out. We won’t grumble like a significant other might when it’s time to change the wall color. We have painted the same room several different colors throughout the years as customers change their minds or redecorate.

Give us a call at 317-426-7806 when you decide it’s time to paint the walls in your bedroom. We will gladly provide a free estimate. It’s always fun to change the look and feel of a room with paint of a new color!