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While Tidy Tabs is keeping your living spaces clean for your family, you have time to do so many other things. Our clients have time to relax after working hard all day, or, as many do, work a little longer at jobs they love. They also have time to spend with family making memories. We also know that some of that extra time they capture is spent doing those things that “ought to be done” but had always been sent to the bottom of the priority list like hairstyling tools.

Let’s talk today about one of those tasks that probably got sent to the very bottom of that list – cleaning your hair styling tools. Think about it. It can be kind of like using a dirty cloth to wipe your face. Your hair is squeaky clean and then you run a comb, brush or curling iron through it that is covered with old hair and products. Now that you think about it in those terms – let’s get them cleaned up!

True to the purpose of Tidy Tabs giving you more time in other areas of your life – our tips for this task will let you handle it quickly and efficiently! In fact, you can get the first steps for your combs and brushes done while you’re in the shower!

Cleaning Hairstyling Tools:  combs and brushes

Use a comb to remove hair from the bristles of the brush by combing through them. Then, remove any hair from the teeth of the comb. Immerse both combs and brushes in a hot water bath with a little bit of shampoo. Let them soak. Most of the congealed product remnants will come off with a rinse. However, for those stubborn bits, use a toothbrush or cotton swab to scrub it clean. Rinse again and let the tools air dry on a towel (bristles down for your brush).

Cleaning Hairstyling Tools:  curling irons, straight irons and styling wands

Obviously, you can’t soak any of these items in a cleansing bath after removing any hair from the tools. Instead, pull out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a roll of paper towels. Use a generous amount of alcohol and wipe the wands. The alcohol will remove the residue of products. If you routinely clean your tools, this won’t take a lot of elbow grease, however, if they have not been cleaned for a while and there is a buildup of products, it might take a little more effort.

Just like you change out the linens you use in the bathroom and kitchen, and clean the can opener and mixer, cleaning your styling tools routinely is suggested. Weekly is grand, but monthly is acceptable as well. It’s not just to keep them clean, some of the styling products you use may have ingredients that actually damage the metal in your tools.

Another word to the wise: don’t use harsh cleaners on your tools. First, the ingredients might damage your tools just like the products, but also likely is any residue of cleaners that remains through a rinse might actually be bad for your hair!

Tidy Tabs will take care of cleaning your house, you can take care of the little things on the list that have been neglected – and are important, too, like your hairstyling tools. Together we make your life more manageable – and easier!

One of the things we love here at Tidy Tabs is that we can provide our clients with the satisfaction of having a clean home and the delight of extra time in their schedules. We often wonder how that gift of extra time is spent, but don’t linger on the question long. However it is used we know our part is appreciated.

Instead of spending your treasure of time cleaning your house, contactTidy Tabs so you can capture extra hours to be spent on things that matter most to you and make your life better. Quotes are free – and provide freedom that you will come to love.