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I remember the day that changed everything, it was when I quit waitressing on October 26th. Between Howl at the Moon five days a week, cleaning houses and waking up early to go introduce myself, I found myself sleeping only a few hours a night. After making the decision that I would get baptized November 2nd, I called my boss to give him my two week notice. I was not sure if I could make it just with Tidy Tabs as my only income but I knew that if I didn’t take a leap of faith I would never get it off the ground. After I left Howl at the Moon, Tidy’s Tabs went from just me to 6 employees. Business has expanded to the point where I can not be at every location. I even have clients reserving days and months in advance. In the beginning I was at three to five homes a week by myself and now we have sixty plus personal homes, we clean for nine builders, became a vendor for Talk to Tucker and are a vender for American homes for rent. In March, Angie’s List picked Tidy Tabs to be featured and interviewed on Channel 6 News. Business was setting off and I was adamant about promoting Tidy Tabs. I went into real estate offices dropping off flyers and business cards. I was committed on meeting anyone that would give me a chance. I even went door to door in neighborhoods introducing myself, giving them a hand out with services we offered and a number to call. I even found the importance of praying every day which helped lead me and my business. I posted my flyers anywhere that would let me, businesses with community boards, daycares, barbershops, salons, laundry mats, and libraries in hope of expanding Tidy Tabs. I would search for Facebook friends that were a contractor or realtor and send them a message introducing myself and the business. I would even offer a time to meet and talk if they had the time to do so. I worked the home show for my parents for two years in a row and got my first builder by simply laying a card on their table.