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Even though you may have scheduled cleanings with a service like Tidy Tabs there is still a need to keep your house tidy between deeper cleaning. You may be dealing with kids after schools messes of shoes and backpacks. How about those nightly dishes or that unfolded laundry? What is the best system for keeping your house tidy between cleanings?


To keep your house tidy between cleanings requires planning and organization. Benjamin Franklin said, “A place for everything, everything in its place”. We can’t keep everything in its place if everything doesn’t have a place. So start by making a place for everything. Perhaps putting a shoe rack or mat and hooks by the family entrance is a good first step to get those backpacks and coats off the dining room table.Consider getting closet organizers to save space and give everything a place. How about an inexpensive basket for each family member to organize papers folders or mail?  s0922630_sc7

Planning and Lists

The key to organization is planning. First decide what your biggest organizational needs are and make a list of how to simplify storage. Make a list of how you would like to see your house organized. Visualize that list being a reality and make it happen. Then make a schedule of what tasks will be performed daily and by whom to keep it organized. Tidy Tabs can help with the organizational process.



It is difficult to have a place for everything if we have too much stuff.  Go through closets and drawers and make room for the thing we actually need and will use. Clean out the toy box. Organize that “junk drawer”. Oftentimes we have such a consumer mentality and buy things we don’t need simply because we aren’t organized enough to know what we have. Consider what is really needed and what we have space for before impulse buying. So consider taking inventory, purge and organize before your next purchase.


Just a few simple steps can help alleviate the clutter. Studies show keeping your house tidy improves your overall physical and mental health. You know how good it feels when everything is neat and clean. If everything has a place and you have a plan to keep stay organized it will save a lot of time and frustration.