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The old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” plays out in cleaning routines every day. Carpets get vacuumed, counters get wiped, and floors get swept. But those spaces that are out of reach or out of sight get neglected.

For most people, the big areas of their home receive a weekly or sometimes a daily scrub down. How often, though, are there forgotten areas missed during your deep cleans? Do you even remember the last time you wiped down the area above your fridge? It’s easy to miss a few areas while cleaning. It might only take a reminder to bring those areas top of mind. Here are a few things that may have been neglected in your recent cleaning:

  1. Your oven– On the flip side of having a self- cleaning oven, this hard-working appliance needs regular wipe-downs with a damp cloth to avoid having to really scrub those caked on stains later. An easy way to clean the oven window is by mixing white vinegar and water, then spraying to the area. To work smarter, not harder, sprinkle table salt on any baking spills for an easier clean.
  2. Baseboards– This is an easily overlooked area of the home, but if avoided, can look dingy fast! Simply use a damp cloth or dusting wipe to remove dust or pet hair. You can also use your vacuum wand with a brush attachment or a long-handled dusting tool covered with a microfiber cloth to take care of these neglected spots.
  3. Ceiling fans– For being used so frequently, it seems odd that this would be a neglected part of your home, but that is exactly what happens. Grab your tallest chair or ladder and use a dust wipe or damp cloth to wipe the top and bottom of each blade, giving a gleaming appearance. You can also place a pillowcase on each blade and use your hands to wipe top and bottom which keeps the dust inside the pillowcase and not falling to the floor (meaning more cleaning!).
  4. Doorknobs– Please, for the sake of everyone entering your home, disinfect your doorknobs weekly, if not daily to kill germs and bacteria transferred by every person entering or exiting your home. A simple wipe with a cloth with a disinfectant solution does the trick. (And this is a great job for a youngster!)
  5. Behind the toilet– The inside and outside of your toilet might be getting cleaned regularly, but what about behind? This area can be cleaned the same as the outside, it may just take an extra reminder to be done with the rest.
  6. Under cushions– Spraying or vacuuming your couch should happen weekly or monthly, just remember to lift those cushions to remove any pet dander or dust that became buried in the couch. You might even collect a few coins to pay for a treat later.
  7. Underneath and behind appliances– It seems to be a silly reminder, but sometimes, in a hurry, these areas can be neglected. Moving appliances around as you’re wiping down the counters can be an easy way to remember those forgotten areas more often!
  8. Blinds – Okay, so you might want Tidy Tabs to tackle this job for you, but you can take on one room at a time using a pair of tongs with microfiber cloths affixed to them. Simply place the blind slat between the tong arms and pull across the blinds. If you want to use a cleaner, you can. It might depend on how long it’s been since you last cleaned the blinds!

Everyone has parts of their home that get neglected. Places they forget to clean here or there. And, truth be told, those are tasks that we usually include in a deep clean, not the every-day, keep-the-house-running kind of cleaning. If you deep cleaned everything every week, you’d never have time with your family.

That being said, Tidy Tabs, can take care of ALL the cleaning needs you have. We can get your home spic and span on a weekly basis and then take care of all those neglected spots in a deep clean as often as you would like.

You might be surprised what hiring a cleaning service does for your state of mind and your family. No more dust bunnies lurking under the beds screeching at you. And lots of memory-making moments replace hours spent with the vacuum, broom, and dust cloth.

Don’t feel guilty about neglecting to clean those hard to reach or out of sight places. Call Tidy Tabs at (317) 832-7493. We can do it for you!