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Everything changed for me and my business when a marketing guy called me following up from a previous meeting. I never took the time to really listen to the opportunity behind his phone calls, until he invited me to meet with him at his office for a 1-2-1. At this point I didn’t have my LLC, and wasn’t even aware of its importance. During this meeting he offered his expertise to help guide and support my business for a year with no cost. We scheduled to meet for an hour every Monday morning and he’d offer some guidance. First, I had to get an LLC and certificate from the state notarized. He taught me to open a business account and how to use it. He has also helped me financially by teaching me how to track my mileage and money.

One thing he has always provided is a listening ear to all my troubles, whether that is my life or business. Without his support I don’t know if I would still be running my business today. He took every detail I presented for my logo and made it come true. He built me a website, helped pick a computer best for me, he let me access his printer and fax whenever I needed and also set my QuickBooks up. I know this may sound a bit much, but he changed more than just the direction of my business but he also changed my life. When I met him I still wasn’t sure if I could even accomplish this whole business thing. He taught me how to do the fundamentals of running a business correctly and proficiently.  I have grown as a person and as a business because of the guidance of him.  It has provided a sense of self-esteem within me I never seemed able to acquire until joining. I am blessed to have people that are so amazing and genuine in my corner. This experience has become a stepping stone that is helping me grow into who God intended me to become.